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Or as I call it, The Sad.

I have been writing this post for 3 years. Today is the 3 year anniversary of my grandmother’s death. People lose people every day. I am not special. My grandmother was. She was important to me.

I was new to grief, and this is how I experienced it. I hope it is a good while before I have to do it again.

Grief should be taught in school. They should teach us about the different kinds of grief — how you feel when your beloved pet dies (sad) or how you will feel when your relationship falls apart (really sad…

Wherein I, a childless woman, answer actual questions of actual children and possibly traumatize them for life

Black and white photo of a young boy holding a moon figure in his hands.

Q: “Do bees have lips?”
A: An excellent question, dear child. Bees do not have lips in the same sense that humans do, rather, they have something called a labial palp that are situated on either side of the proboscis. Here is a picture. I am told children enjoy those:

A series in which I answer the inane questions your children ask, but with a side of existential dread

Q: Why are trees different?
A: Trees are different because of the evolution of plants, dating back to the dinosaurs. Trees were actually sporous plants, much like giant ferns, and they were purple as they had not yet developed chlorophyll. Eventually the taller plants began crowding out the big fern plants, and they choked the life out of them by blocking the sun. Now we have deciduous trees and coniferous trees — deciduous trees marking young growth, where there is a lot of space and less competition for sunlight. Once the conifer trees infiltrate, though, they grow taller and blot out…

Ali Mac

Midwestern New Yorker. Dog Hugger. Bacon Eater. Bird Watcher.

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